Mystic Writes Memoir Book, Now Available for Christmas Season

Okay, so this technically isn’t about the Mystics. But I wanted to let those of you who follow our blog know about my new book.

It’s a memoir. The title is “Finding My Niche.” It’s pretty much my life story, but its three main elements focus on growing up in a very different Boise (35,000 people, no high rises, no traffic), playing in the Mystics, and my career as an Idaho Statesman reporter and columnist. Readers will learn what it was like growing up in a town where kids caught tadpoles and swam in the Boise River. They’ll go inside The Statesman newsroom for a behind-the-scenes look at the workings of Idaho’s largest newspaper, and will read the stories of how the Mystics came to be and continue to be one of Idaho’s longest running rock bands.

“Finding My Niche” is available at Rediscovered Books, 180. N. Eighth Street in downtown Boise, on, and will soon be at Barnes & Noble, 1315 N. Milwaukee, near the Boise Towne Square Mall.

And, as long as I’m at it, a bit of Mystics news: We’ll be playing at the Sapphire Room in the Riverside Hotel on January 8.


Tim Woodward

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