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Latest from the Blog

Glitter – the New Pine Needles

 Christmas at the Woodward household lasts until March.   That, give or take, used to be when the last pine needle from the Christmas tree was swept or vacuumed up, officially ending the season for another year.   The staying power of those pine needles defied belief. Those on the floor around the tree were…

A Day for Family, Peace, Good Will

 Some of my most cherished memories are of the Christmases of my youth, spent with family in our home of many years on Lemp Street in Boise’s North End.    Christmas was the best time of the year: decorating the tree with my mother and sister, Christmas music on the stereo, snow falling in the…

Tim’s Memoir Book Almost Sold Out

“Finding My Niche,” my memoir published a year ago, will soon be out of print. Signed copies are still available at Rediscovered Books, 180 N. Eighth Street in downtown Boise, and today I’m going to Barnes & Noble, 1301 N. Milwaukee, near Boise Towne Square Mall, to sign the last of their stock. If you’ve…

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