Goodbye Statesman, Hello Idaho Press

Dear Blog Subscribers,

This is to let you know that as of last month I’m no longer writing for The Idaho Statesman. I hadn’t been happy for some time about a restriction from writing personal columns there. There were other factors In my decision to leave after so many years, including the frequency of my columns being cut from every other Sunday to once a month, but it was mainly not being able to write personal columns that led me to resign. I love writing them, and readers have told me for years that they enjoy reading them.

The good news is that starting this Sunday, my columns will be published in The Idaho Press. I’ll be writing for The Press at least one Sunday a month, often more than that. The Press is committed to print journalism and has signed up thousands of subscribers in the Boise area in the last few months. I’m a lifelong print guy and am looking forward to this new start. If you live in the area and haven’t seen The Press, you might want to check it out.

I’ll continue to post columns on my blog the Mondays after they’re published in The Press so you’ll continue to get them by email, starting Nov. 5.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate every one of you.



5 thoughts on “Goodbye Statesman, Hello Idaho Press

  1. Wal, the Statesman continues to dig their own grave. Maybe their continuous reduction in quality and content is the only way to (temporarily) survive in today’s world. I’ll go look at the Idaho Press. Does the Press do Boise? Do you suppose the Idaho Press might be able to reliably print the month and day on each page?

    As an astute reader once said, “Keep up the good work.”


  2. Good move Tim. The Press has good coverage of the entire valley and late deadlines to allow last minute sports stories.


  3. We are so happy to hear that you will be moving to The Press. We have began a subscription to The Press as well as the Statesman but will not be renewing our Statesman subscription when it comes due at the end of November. We love your columns and are thrilled to have the pleasure of reading your columns in the coming years.


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