Note to Subscribers:

Dear readers,
My columns are now running monthly in The Statesman rather than every other week, and   I’ll be focusing more now on Idahoans with interesting stories.
I could use your help with that. Idaho is home to lots of people with interesting stories, but finding them can be a challenge. If you know of someone who has had an interesting life, has an unusual occupation, pastime or tale to tell – or is maybe just a colorful Idaho character – I’d love to hear from you. Examples of people I’ve profiled in the past range from buckaroos, inventors, high-rise crane operators and others with uncommon lines of work to people with unusual hobbies or collections to a woman whose expensive dental work was paid for by a customer at the drive-up window where she works. Or, more recently, the subject of this month’s column – a man who overcame illness and depression by rekindling a passion for writing.
If you know of someone whose story you think would make interesting reading, please e-mail me at
Thanks and, as always, thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “Note to Subscribers:

  1. I always enjoy your articles, Tim. The one today on the Stinker signs stirred memories– not only the memorable signs along the roads, but of when I was in grade school at Whittier School in Boise, I often passed the very first Fearless Farris Stinker Station in Boise on Front Street, where they actually had a caged skunk which had been denatured. At times I would stop just to look at it; after all, a real live skunk!!!

    “Fearless” was truly fearless in more ways than one. Thanks for passing on his story — is the book available in Boise??


    1. Thanks, Lila. Glad you liked it. Yes, the book is available at Rediscovered Books in downtown Boise and at Stinker stations.


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