A Message to Subscribers

Dear Subscribers,

This is the day I normally would be posting my blog, but there isn’t one to post. My editor has told me that The Statesman’s executive editor is reducing the frequency of my columns from every other Sunday to once a month because of cutbacks in the paper’s freelance budget. I’ve also been told that the one I submitted last week for yesterday’s newspaper, a followup to my November cancer diagnosis column and my October column on the dangerous railroad trestle bridge over Capitol Boulevard, either is being held or will not be published. I’m sorry not to be posting a column for you today, and sorry that this has happened.

Tim Woodward

19 thoughts on “A Message to Subscribers

  1. We were so sad to read this – we hope you’re doing well. Your column evokes so much emotion (much of it hope and laughter) – we really look forward to reading it.


    1. I’m doing fine, thanks. The Statesman will publish my column on the second Sunday of each month now, and I’ll post it here the following Monday. So I’ll still be around, just not as often.

      Thanks for reading.


  2. The once might Statesman is declining at an ever increasing rate. The cost to subscribe to the print version is escalating at the same time. Timely and local news coverage is falling by the wayside. Now I’m hearing the paper is going to be printed in Twin Falls. So much for timely deadlines. Tim you need to go with the blog on your own and cast around for sponsors.


    1. Hi, Norm,

      I will continue the blog. The Statesman will publish my column on the second Sunday of each month now, and I’ll post it here the following Monday.


  3. Sorry to get this news, but I’m afraid this is the fate of newspapers all over the country. Our local paper cut to 3 days a week and has let about half of the staff go and prints more things from other sources. This may be one negative effect of the internet and the decline of reading by most people. Truly sad, and we will be the poorer for it.

    Good luck in the future. I’ve enjoyed your columns over the years.


    1. I am so sorry to hear this. Your column is one I always looked forward to and would read first. I would think the Statesman would want to keep their best stories going forward, not cut back. Things like this may lead to more people finding their news elsewhere. You keep writing and I’ll keep reading. Thanks Tim. Take care.


      1. Thank you. I’ll keep writing for as long as I can. My column will be in The Statesman on the second Sunday of each month now, and I’ll post it here on the second Monday.


    2. Sad but true. My column will still be in The Statesman on the second Sunday of each month, and I’ll post it here the following day.


  4. So, can you maybe just post it here without the statesman? Or do they own first rights or something because you submitted it to them?

    Because I really do care about updates to both subjects, especially you.


    1. I can post whatever I want here, and I just posted the followup to the caner column. The Statesman will run my column on the second Sunday of the month, starting in February, and I’ll post it here the following Monday.


  5. So sorry your paper has cut you back!! Hope you will still be able to continue in some way! Have sure enjoyed your columns to date…How are you feeling?


    1. I’m feeling fine, Joanne. Thanks for asking. My column will be in the paper once a month now, on the second Sunday of the month, starting in February.

      Hope you and Sam are doing okay. Sorry about the Vikings,


  6. I’m the editor of the Statesman. Tim has always had the option to post his columns in this blog. There is no link to the Statesman, no contractual issues that would affect what he does here. It’s his decision, not ours. Tim owns his content and can choose to post or not in this space. We regret the cuts we made in freelance budgets, but it’s the reality of our business now. If more readers and advertisers supported us in our digital channels, this would boost our business model. For those who read the Statesman (in print or digital), we appreciate your continued support.


  7. Tim, I am privileged and honored to have you write a column about me. As we discussed, I have a boatload of life threatening health problems. With these come major anxiety.

    I have none now. I would not call my discovery miraculous. Something from my past has given me peace of mind. At 80 I have never been more excited about life.


    1. It was a privilege to have met you, Dick. You inspired a lot of readers, including a friend who just suffered a terrible loss. Thanks for helping me tell your story.


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