Note to Subscribers

I’ll be gone a lot this month and won’t have access to my computer to post the columns. I’ll post both of them for March late in the month.

Stay tuned. A Woodward travel disaster story is always a possibility!

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5 thoughts on “Note to Subscribers

  1. Tim,
    I wrote The Idaho Statesman about Booth Memorial. When I was in high school, a friend disappeared. Years later, my sister and I learned that she had been sent to Booth Memorial. I know that Booth Memorial is shutting down, and I just would love to read more about the girls who were sent there. Recently, I’ve met two women who were sent there. Their stories are amazing! It’s just remarkable that girls were sent there and their children adopted out without the mother’s input! I think most young women in Boise have no idea that these things happened here in Boise!


    1. I don’t know that the mothers had no input. One of my daughters is a Booth “graduate,” and she most definitely had input. She had her baby, who is now my oldest granddaughter and a source of great pride to the entire family.


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