Extra: All My Books

Some of you who subscribe to my blog know that I play in a band called the Mystics. What you may not know, especially if you live outside of Idaho, is that part of the group’s 50th anniversary celebration is an auction to benefit the Ride to the Wall Foundation, which helps needy veterans.
Ride to the Wall was founded by late rock and roll Icon Paul Revere, of Paul Revere and the Raiders, and Boisean Larry Leasure. Its original purpose was to help Vietnam veterans, but it’s since been expanded to include veterans of all wars. All of the proceeds from the live auction at our anniversary party Saturday night – and those of the ongoing, online auction – will be used to help needy Idaho veterans.
You might not be interested in the rock and roll items being offered in the online auction, but because you subscribe to my blog I’m hoping that some of you will be interested in the complete collection of my books. All are autographed and all are now out of print.  These are among the very last copies from my personal collection. The titles are “Shirttail Journalist,” “McCracker Takes a Vacation,” “Here in Curmudgeons’  Corner,” “The Department of Yarns,” “Is Idaho in Iowa?” “Destination Idaho” and “Tiger on the Road; the life of Vardis Fisher.”
You won’t find these books anywhere else.

In addition to autographing them, I’ll personally inscribe them to the winning bidder if requested. Every penny of the winning bid will be used to assist veterans who are struggling.
The online auction ends May 29. To find out more or to bid, click on mysticsauction.afrogs.org. If you decide to bid, click on “Create an Account.” Don’t worry; the information requested is basic and only takes a few seconds. You’ll be prompted to create a password, but again don’t worry. The password doesn’t have to be elaborate, and it will vanish after May 29.
The starting bid is $100 – considerably less than the total retail price of the books when they were new, and the early ones are now collector’s items. As of this morning, no one had bid on them, which frankly is a little embarrassing. I’m hoping that’s because most of those who have visited the auction site are more interested in rock and roll than books, and that’s why I’m contacting you. You’re readers. Here’s hoping one of you will spare me some embarrassment and give a helping hand to needy  veterans in the process.



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