Note to Subscribers

My apologies for being late posting this week’s column. I had surgery Monday, the day I normally post, and will be moving slowly for a while. Will shortly be posting this week’s blog, the second part of the Christmas Mystery Visitor – with intriguing details about my mother that readers/genealogists unearthed  and that I never suspected. I hope you enjoy it.

If you have friends or relatives who’d be interesting in getting my columns by blog, I’d be grateful if you asked them to click on and then on subscribe. As always, it’s free and they’ll get the columns by e-mail every other Monday. The blog is especially handy for people who live outside The Statesman’s circulation area, as evidenced by its subscribers in states as distant as Alaska and Florida.

As you know, recent years have been hard on the newspaper industry.  The more subscribers I have, the better the chances would be of getting a sponsor for the blog and continuing it in the event The Statesman should be forced to cut costs and discontinue my column. I’m not saying that will happen, have heard absolutely no indication that it it will  and hope it doesn’t, but as mentioned, these are uncertain times in this business. I love writing the columns and hope to do so for a long time, both for the Statesman and for those of you who subscribe here. Thanks for reading,


5 thoughts on “Note to Subscribers

  1. Hey Tim, hope your surgery was not too serious and you recover quick. I enjoy reading your column and have read them all… I hope you were able to
    attend Elsa’s 90th Party! Take care and keep up the good work… Hi to Sheila.


    1. Hi, Joanne. Nice to hear from you. The surgery went well and while it wasn’t serious (as in open heart surgery, etc.), it wasn’t minor, either. Am up and around a bit now and the outlook is good. Thanks for asking. Elsa had to postpone her birthday party because we all had nasty colds, but other than that she’s doing great. Hi to Stan, and our condolences on his Vikings’ last-minute heartbreaker in the playoffs. I’ve long thought the Seahawks are the NFL’s luckiest team.


  2. Thank YOU for your brilliant writing, Tim. I am one, among many, many others who truly love reading your column. Keep it up till you’re 100+, dear friend.

    Best wishes for your quick recovery.


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